Patong Beach

     Patong beach is the most popular beach resort in Phuket. This amazing stretch of the coast is often called "Little Pattaya". The resort is incredibly picturesque and has perfect infrastructure. For millions of travelers Patong beach is known as the "Asian capital" of nightlife. It is consummate in the number and variety of nightclubs, bars and discos.The most popular nightlife places are situated on the Bangla Road street. A fun and noisy atmosphere here is both in the afternoon and late at night. The main feature of the resort is that all entertainment venues, restaurants and hotels are concentrated close to the coast. Patong Beach is focused on tourists who prefer to spend most part of their holiday on the beach.

However, you should not liner your recreation by only beach activities. In addition to world famous nightclubs and discos, Patong Beach is the place of the original entertainment complexes, sports centers and water parks. It is easy to find a luxury spa or a wellness center. Thereby, tourists have a great opportunity to combine a beach holiday with care about their health. The lively resort is focused on a wide range of tourists. Thus, young and active people, even travelers with children will feel comfortable here

The prices for the resort should be necessary discussed. Budget travelers will like Patong Beach for sure. People who prefer a high-   quality holiday and not to save money on accommodation will also assess it. The closer to the coast, the more expensive entertainment venues, shops and hotels you find. If you delve a little inside the island, you can find a lot of attractive cheap hotels  and restaurants, where you can order a great dinner at a reasonable price. Patong Beach is a unique modern resort of world significance, which allows guests to organize the rest of different levels.

In recent years, many high-quality hotels appeared in Patong. There are luxurious hotels by internationally famous brands and small guesthouses that are suitable even for budget tourists. In total, there are more than 600 hotels in the resort area, and all of them are located within walking distance of the beach. The length of Patong Beach is roughly 4 kilometers. It borders with Kalim Beach on the north. The latter is also very popular with tourists. In the south, the beach of the resort borders with the comfortable Freedom beach, the entrance to which is paid. This beach is very popular with upscale travelers and fans of comfort.



Bangla walking street

                    Patong is a universal beach that is suitable for trouble-free relaxation and sports entertainment. It is a great place to enjoy riding a hydro cycle, to  try kayaking and parasailing, or to visit local diving centers. There are several sites suitable for diving not far from the coast. These are great places       to admire coral reefs and exotic creatures that live deep underwater.

Some entertainment centers are widely known far beyond the borders of the resort. They regularly become venues for performances of famous musicians and DJs. The most famous Thai box arenas are also located near this road. Fans of unusual and exotic entertainment will find it interesting to visit these fights. It is also important to mention shopping centers of the resort. Jungle Ceylon is the largest and the most popular one. Besides hundreds of various shops, this shopping center has a modern cinema, numerous cafes and charming restaurants. There are several markets in the city, with Malin Plaza and Banzaan being the most famous and frequently visited ones.

Bangla road is that street that stretches all the way from the beach to Rat-U-Thit Road, near Jungceylon Shopping Mall. While it is a very anonymous one-way traffic street during the day, it turns into a crazy pedestrian walking street starting at 6 pm. At the beginning of the night it is still relatively quiet as you can see on the photo above, but past 10 pm, expect to share it with a dense crowd.

On each side, you will mostly walk past a vast amount of beer bars, and all have an open facade. Every bar comes with ladies whose mission is to convince you to step in and order a drink (nothing more). Ladies usually stand in front of the bar, showing a menu with the price for the drinks,  some ladies are dancing on counters, and some demonstrate jaw-dropping pole and acrobatic dancing skills (they are wearing cloth so don’t go imagining something). It’s easy-going and quite cheap, so have a seat somewhere, chat with the ladies, they are very friendly and watch the crowd.


Live Music Bar


Live music venues are extremely popular in Phuket. The overall quality of the bands has greatly improved with time, as well as sounds and light systems and for the price of a beer, you are watching a live concert. The good old ‘Rock City‘ is now gone but New York Live Music Bar and Monsoon. A bit away from the centre of Patong is the legendary Hard Rock Cafe with excellent musicians and bands, but also with a higher price tag