Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Kata is a sister beach of Karon, located southward from Karon Beach. The golden sand beach is best known as a home to the world-famous, activity-focused resort of Club Med. South of Kata Beach, divided be a steep cliff, is a more private and compact beach of Kata Noi.

Possibly the most beautiful beach in Phuket, Kata beach is a 1.5km long paradise waiting for people 
to visit and fall in love. White sands, clear seas, tropical trees and endless activities are just a few of 
the things that make Kata beach so special, and here are 10 reasons why we think Kata beach will 
be your new favourite beach in Phuket.

The Beach

Kata beach really has it all. From golden sands, clear blue water, sun-bathing and relaxation, to surfing, snorkelling, family fun and endless activities. It really is everyone’s beach.

A whole mile strip of perfect sand meeting crystal sea; the south end is the perfect spot to enjoy a thai massage in the shade, with the north offering a host of thrilling activities including kayaking and scuba-diving – any way you choose to spend it, you’ll be awed at the beauty of this


The Weather


There really is no bad time to go to Kata Beach, and although Phuket has a tropical monsoonal climate, it avoids the typhoons and tropical storms that hit the close-by countries.

Phuket’s best time weather-wise is December through to May, where the island stays hot, reaching its hottest temperatures toward the end of May and into April. June, July and August are favoured by the locals as the hot days are usually relieved a little by short downpours of rain, but long days of sunshine are still to be enjoyed at this time.

And even during the rainiest season from September to October long days of sun await you on the beach between short rainfalls, and plenty of low-season activities are still available to enjoy.



Arguably the most family-friendly destination in Phuket, Kata Beach offers many resort options for families, with activities all around ready to be enjoyed by all ages.

The south end of the beach is particularly perfect for families as it becomes shaded later in the day and is close to lots of amenities, meaning a day on the beach is fun, safe, and simple.


Perfect Nightlife

While most of Kata Beach is family-friendly, quiet and content, there are a few places to swing round for a great night out. Much less hectic than Patong, most evening venues along the beach are geared toward couples and families, with outdoor cafés and restaurants galore. But on the back road running parallel to the beach you’ll find the fun, from karaoke bars to dance clubs and more, at which to party the night away.


Fantastic Food

The food at Kata Beach leaves nothing to be desired. You’ll be spoilt for choice, and will only worry that you won’t have enough time to sample all the incredible restaurants lined up along the beach.

From the Horn Grill Steakhouse whose menu boasts everything from steak to swordfish, to Kampong Kata Hill where you can taste possibly the best that Southeast Asia has to offer. You’ll also find one of the most celebrated restaurants in the whole of Thailand right on the beach; The Boathouse Phuket offers a luxurious dining atmosphere, served with the most delicious dishes, alongside award-winning wines and cocktails in a decidedly classy atmosphere.

Whatever your preferences are for taste, décor, atmosphere or service, there’s a restaurant for everyone at Kata Beach.


Amazing Activities

You’ll never get bored at Kata Beach with so much to do all around. The north end of the beach offers a range of nautical activities from snorkelling to surfing to scuba diving for all ages and abilities, while the south end offers more relaxed leisure, including Thai massage, shops and restaurants.

Around Kata Beach you’ll find even more to do. Like the Kata/Karon viewpoint, which is one of the most frequented viewpoints in Phuket, and it’s no wonder considering from the top you can soak in views of Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon Beaches, which is why it’s locally known as “Saam-haad” (three-beach) viewpoint.

As well as the incredible views, have fun at the Dino Park Mini Golf the kids and adults alike will just love, the Surf House where surfers can ride the waves every day no matter what the weather, and Kata Temple – just 1km from the beach – where you can bask in the beautiful culture of the island.


Is It Crowded?

Of course, like any tourist spot Kata beach has it’s busier times, but compared with other nearby destinations, the crowds in Kata beach are quite tame.

The high season (December and January) sees the most tourists visiting the beautiful beach, but during the low season (around September to October) you’ll find a place of peace and serenity, with a lot of hours of sunshine between the rain-spells. But even during the high season the mile-long beach never feels crowded, and is much more laid back than Patong.


Is It Safe?

Kata beach is a very safe place for tourists to be. Locals are warm, friendly and welcoming, and are proud of their gorgeous part of the world and the tourism it attracts.

Kata beach is centred round families and family activities, and is a great place for children and parents to vacation and let off steam.

The water at Kata beach is considered safe, but as always, if you aren’t a strong or confident swimmer, be sure to know your limits when it comes to sea swimming, and always wear a life jacket for water sports. The locals are very knowledgeable about their beautiful beach, so you can always ask the best times to safely swim, and for the best fun activities to take enjoy too!


Health And Wellness

As well as the hotels offering a range of spa facilities and treatments, there are plenty of opportunities in and around Kata beach to connect and unwind. Thai massage parlours are plentiful and a wonderfully relaxing experience for a great price.

But also just a stones’ throw away from the beach you’ll find a number of retreats dedicated to relaxation, meditation, yoga and detox. Whether you opt for a day of mindfulness, or a full week of yoga and therapies, you’re certain to find yourself refreshed, as Kata beach is the perfect location to practice peacefulness.

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